Wedding photography – the role of ushers

Ushers are often seen as redundant beyond the meet and greet in the church (bride or groom?) but there are many ways they can help the day flow more smoothly for the couple, particularly from a photographer’s point of view:

  • As the bride and groom are leaving the church if the ushers can hold the guests back at the last pew it allows time for the bride and groom to get some photographs emerging from the church without heads in the background;
  • If there is a long path where confetti can be thrown as the bride and groom walk through then the ushers can direct people to stand along it and ensure that guests have the appropriate confetti for the venue (some are very specific);
  •  The best man and ushers can be very helpful in setting up group shots – rounding people up and making sure they are ready when the photographer needs them for the next shots.  This ensures that group shots go smoothly and don’t take too long;
  • Many couples are very self-conscious about the first dance – they don’t want to be on their own on the dance floor for a long time.  The ushers and bridesmaids can be primed at this point to grab a partner and take to the floor after a certain amount of time (perhaps after the first song) to encourage others to join in.

 Of course the couple know their best man, ushers and bridesmaids best and will know who would be best suited to which role.  It is worth discussing this in advance with the photographer and the members of the bridal party to make sure everyone knows how they can contribute to making the day as special as possible.

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