Wedding photography books

There seems to have been a move away from traditional wedding albums and books over recent years, with people preferring to have digital files for their own use.  I discussed the pros and cons of this in my last post, but if you decide that you do want a book it is important to get something that will stand the test of time.

It is easy to get books made – most photo printing companies offer them fairly cheaply, but it is worth thinking about what you really want from this book before purchasing purely on cost.  Such services are great for pictures from a social event, for fundraising or for an annual gift to grandparents and godparents, but for a wedding I think you need something a little more substantial.  The saying “you get what you pay for” is as true here as anywhere else.  Cheap books are printed on cheap paper using cheap ink, cheap bindings and are glued together.  Images will fade, pages will curl and with excessive handling (showing to all your friends and family for example) the glue will come unstuck and the book will fall apart.

If you are prepared to invest some more in your wedding book you can have something that looks and feels beautiful and will last for your children and their children to pore over and delight (and possibly giggle) at how fabulous everyone looks.  Booked Images make the best coffee table books I have found and they really are worth a little extra. 

Their books are printed on at least 200gsm paper except for their premium books, for which they use 250gsm.  They use traditional printing techniques, which means the colours will be life-like and they will not fade.  The books are bound with heavy weight board and are hand stitched, so they look and feel luxurious and will not fall apart.  They all have scuff-proof laminate on the cover and dust jackets to protect them from damage when being handled (after all, what is the point of having a beautiful book if you don’t want anyone to handle it?)

All good quality printers will also offer a design service.  Of course it is perfectly possible to do this yourself, but having this done by a professional designer really does make a difference when you see the finished product.  Finishing touches such as dust jackets, ribbons and boxes are available to make your book look extra special and they also offer mini-books which makes Christmas presents really easy. 

There are other printers around who offer high-quality books, but personally I work with Booked because I believe their product is the best on the market.  After all the effort that goes into planning a wedding, I really do think it deserves a book that will help the memories last a lifetime.

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