Ufton Court – a quirky scouting wedding

Back in September I photographed the wedding go Laura and Jeremy at the fabulous Tudor Ufton Court.  From the moment I heard about their plans I knew that it would be amazing – a proper Herbie, neckerchiefs for bunting, archery, sparklers….where do I sign?

Laura had planned every detail meticulously, creating a very personal day that reflected the two of them as individuals and as a couple.

I love the “Cadbury’s purple” colour that Laura chose for their main colour throughout the day.

Berkshire wedding photographer

Berkshire wedding photographer

and just look at that car!

Ufton Court wedding 3

Ufton Court wedding 4

I love doing something creative with the rings prior to the ceremony and this wooden post just outside the barn lent itself very well for just this purpose…

Ufton Court wedding 5

The ancient Tithe barn is a magnificent building.  The registrar and wedding co-ordinator were quite anxious about how dark it was inside, but I found the light around the ceremony table to be absolutely beautiful.

Ufton Court wedding 6Ufton Court wedding 7

The house is also blessed with splendid grounds which we were free to use for photographs.  We took full advantage of the offer!

Ufton Court wedding 8

Ufton Court wedding 9

Ufton Court wedding 10

Ufton Court wedding 11

Ufton Court wedding 12

Ufton Court wedding 12.1

Ufton Court wedding 13

Remember all of those personal touches I mentioned?  Well the chocolate dipped fruit in the picture above was Laura’s idea and I can assure you they tasted as good as they looked 😉  Another one was a saxophone quintet who played during the ceremony and meal who are all members of a band that Laura herself plays in.

Ufton Court wedding 15

Ufton Court wedding 14

Now I did know that the baritone sax player was pregnant, what I didn’t realise was quite how pregnant.  Her baby arrived the very next day – a bit of a surprise for all concerned I think!  (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the space hoppers… :s)

Ufton Court wedding 16

So we will leave Laura and Jeremy and their guests as they prepare to go into the bar for the wedding breakfast.  More to follow in due course.

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Ufton Court


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