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I love bridal preparation, just let me get that out there! People often misunderstand the purpose of the photographer being there and comments such as, “I’ll be a wreck, I don’t want pictures of that,” or “Two hours taking pictures of me, I’m not sure that is necessary,” are really quite common. For me this time is about telling the whole story of your day. I won’t be pointing my big lens at you all morning, I want pictures of all the other stuff that is going on as well. Who wouldn’t want pictures like this in their wedding album…

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The story begins with hair and make-up and yes, usually with champagne and rollers as well!

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For me, this is also the time to get beautiful pictures of your dress, shoes, flowers, jewellery and anything else that is important to you on your day. We can take our time doing this and I can make sure that I capture all of those important little details before the hustle and bustle really begins…

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This bride wanted to carry a picture of her Dad, who was no longer with us, so her bridesmaid tucked it inside the bouquet where it couldn’t be seen, so that he was present throughout the day..

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family heirlooms are always particularly special..

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Shoes, I love shoes…

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Irregular choice wedding shoes

and it is generally easier to photograph jewellery before it is being worn…

Berkshire wedding photographerSometimes people are anxious about photographs of them getting dressed being inappropriate, but I always assure brides and bridesmaids that I will not shoot any images until they are “decent” and there will never be any images that they are not comfortable with.I just love getting shots like these…

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Newbury Berkshire wedding photography

Wedding photography Berkshire and I love capturing those “just ready” shots, individually and with your really special people around you..

Berkshire wedding photographer

Berkshire wedding photographer

Berkshire wedding photographerwhilst always being ready with the tissues…
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Here are a few top tips to create the best environment for photography and make the most of the opportunity:
• If you can choose a room, choose one with plenty of non-direct light. North facing with big windows is ideal. If there is direct sunlight see if it is possible to screen the windows in some way to diffuse the light;
• Try to keep clutter to a minimum. Wedding clutter is fine, but put anything that is not wedding related out of sight. Put boxes and packaging away, but keep shoes, jewellery, flowers etc on view;
• Take your dress out the bag as soon as you arrive in the room you are getting ready in. This will allow any creases to drop out in plenty of time and photographs can be taken without the photographer having to take anybody away from their preparations;
• This is the time when the photographer has a chance to get lots of lovely detail shots that look fantastic in albums, so if there is anything particularly special that you must have a picture of this is a good time to point it out and ask the photographer to get some pictures of it;
• Ignore the photographer. It is perfectly acceptable to ask them to leave the room or stop shooting at any time, but otherwise get on with what you are doing and let them work around you (the odd cup of coffee helps though!)
• Think about where you will put your dress on and allow plenty of time. You want plenty of space so that your helpers can move around you without stepping on  your dress and you want to be able to get from there to the car easily. Timing wise you want to enjoy the process and not feel rushed and it is brilliant to allow time for your photographer to go and get some shots of the groom and best man looking nervous;
• Most important of all, relax and enjoy yourself. This part of the day really is all about you and your best girls, so make the most of it.

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