Andrew and Tamsyn pre-wedding shoot, Berkshire

Last week I met up with Tamsyn and Andrew for a pre-wedding shoot.  They live really close to me and it was such a novel experience to walk to a shoot and then work in the meadows that I walk through so frequently.  One of the aims on such a shoot is to get the couple used to relaxing and ignoring the fact that I am pointing a large lens at them!  Sometimes couples find this quite difficult (it is difficult to be discreet with a pro camera and 70-200mm lens) so we have to work on allowing them to just enjoy being together, having fun and chatting with each other while studiously ignoring me.  This time we played Pooh sticks, hid in long grass, climbed into a giant gunnera on the river bank and played hide and seek behind trees!  This means that on their wedding day when we take some time to shoot some more intimate couple shots the bride and groom do find it easy to just enjoy a little bit of couple time while I quietly snap away in the background.

Another aim is to show the couple how great they can look before they even get started with hair, make-up and beautiful clothes, most people hate having their picture taken because they have only ever seen unflattering shots, usually taken after a few beers with a camera that can’t really handle the conditions.  Result – hard unflattering shadows, shiny patches, unflattering expressions – enough to make anyone cringe.  By showing couples that they can look fabulous they really relax on their big day and don’t worry about how the pictures will look.  If I can really get them to relax and let the love shine through that is when we really start to make magic:)

I can’t wait to shoot Tamsyn and Andrew’s wedding next month at the stunning Hillfields with the wonderful Karen from Allium designs.  I hear there is going to be much gorgeousness and Tamsyn is bringing her horse!…….


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