Spring in the garden – just for the love

So here I sit trying to get my new website launched. Yes, you read that right, my new website is ready and I need to wait to see whether the redirect is going to work! Now waiting is not one of my strong suits. Never mind the fact that I have sat on this for months now, too scared to put it out there, because it is my baby and I want it to be loved. I have made the decision that it is ready to meet its public so I need it to happen NOW! (I may have stamped my foot ever so slightly there, clearly I have caught that my 8 year old daughter!)

Anyway, I thought I would distract myself (and you) with something pretty in the meantime. So I took my camera off for a little walk around the garden. This time of year holds such promise, but with all the clearing, weeding, dividing and mulching done it can look a little bleak in our perennial borders. Fortunately a previous owner planted rather a lot of these under the large tree…

Berkshire photographer Bluebells not native, I know, but pretty all the same.

I am also grateful at this time of year that we took Monty’s advice and planted loads of bulbs in pots and the ground (I think we are over 600 in total now!) so we have beauties like this Narcissus Thalia to enjoy.

Berkshire photographer Narcissus Thalia

And who can resist the promise of an almost ready to burst tulip bud?

Berkshire photographer spring flowers

It is always great to see that your efforts are appreciated by the local wildlife as well and early sightings of insect life are most welcome, even if it is a lily beetle (we don’t have any lilies, so I am not sure what this one is up to!)
Berkshire photographer spring insect I am a big fan of muscari, but I like to try and find different varieties to the usual, so I am particularly pleased with this one…

Berkshire photographer muscarii

Borrowing next door’s Clematis Armandii at this time of year is a bit of a guilty secret, but how can you fail to enjoy such beautiful flowers at any time (and its not my fault if our side of the fence is south facing!)

Berkshire photographer Clematis

It is also very popular with the early honey bees.

Berkshire photographer Clematis Armandii

This Euphorbia Martinii has been a bit of a favourite of mine for the past couple of springs…

Berkshire photographer Euphorbia Martinii

although it is in danger of being upstaged by this little bit of gorgeousness, which self-seeded in the front garden. Damn these weeds!

Berkshire photographer Euphorbia

I hope you enjoyed sharing a little of my early spring garden, it certainly gives me a lot of pleasure getting out there and finding these little gems.

There might be a bottle of fizzy stuff for the first person to tell me that my new website is (finally) working 😉

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